About Fabrice Touil

 Fabrice Touil is a French/English speaking gentleman who was born and raised in Paris, France. His family operated a clothing business in Paris, and Fabrice often helped out his father when duty called. What one of the most memorable inspirations Touil remembers of his early years was the way his mother and father would motivate him to work hard and follow his dreams. At a young age, he had a keen interest in competitive sporting activities, particularly soccer and tennis. This competitive drive undoubtedly helped feed his desire to be involved with his current day work as a professional poker player.

The road to this has not been easy; it took plenty of dedication and hard work to reach the level of ability he has in the field today. Once he realized he could make a living while doing something he loved, he was set to make it happen. He has faced the ups and downs of competition, and it has only further fueled that fire to win. Between 2008-2013, Touil has been involved in many televised poker tables, including the 5th World Poker Tour de Paris and 2012 Partouche Poker Tour (placing 6th at the final table). He considers himself to be a competitive person. In fact, competition helps drive him to be better at his work. His career dream would be to win at the World Poker Tournament and World Series of Poker, especially the main event.

Outside of work, Fabrice enjoys working to help support non-profits around the world, mostly related to medical research to seek cures for various diseases, such as aids, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. Other hobbies include, unsurprisingly, other games like Gin Rami, chinese poker, etc.; but he also leaves time to play sports. He has swum with sharks, something he never thought he would ever be doing, but the adrenaline rush from things of that nature was quite the draw for Touil. One of his current goals is to finish the New York marathon with the hopes to complete it in a time comparable to that of his father, who finished it previously.