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Fabrice Touils most important poker tips for beginners {Part 2}

Fabrice Touils most important poker tips for beginners


Play the long-term:

As a beginner player, you are going to lose some of the time. For example, you’ll go all-in with a pair of aces, then lose to another player holding a pair of 9s who catches a third 9 on the river. Don’t let these losses get you down. Poker is a game of odds, and they won’t always be in your favor,  but over the long term, those aces will win more than they lose against those 9s.

Poker is a long-term game that requires practicing and playing thousands and thousands of hands in a real table setting. It’s the only way you can grasp the basics of the game and ever dream of becoming an expert. As you develop your skills using these poker strategies remember to keep the first three tips in mind: play cautiously be aggressive when you think appropriate and study the table like your life depended on it. This will keep your game on point.  Don’t try to make up losses with foolish bets. Set a bankroll – both for every session and over the long term – and stick to it.

Develop your skill:

You are going to learn a lot from your wins and losses, but poker isn’t just a game you master at the table. Educate yourself you can learn a lot more from reading blogs and books on poker strategy. You can start here, but there are multiple poker blogs to get you up and running.

Online poker is also a great way to improve your skills and poker knowledge. Make sure to choose the right table. Stick to lower-stakes tournaments with $5 buy-ins or less. Make sure to write notes to help hone your strategies.   


Every player has had lousy session including myself.  Remember when you have those bad losses that many professional players have lost ten of thousands of dollars in one play, but they manage to bounce back and become even stronger players. Everyone needs to start somewhere so don’t feel defeated when things go in a way you didn’t plan. Keep your head down, follow the poker tips in this post and keep practicing and improving your skill.


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